A nourishing, hearty bowl of spring greens, kale,  chickpeas, brown rice, smoked mushrooms, cucumber, pickled veggies, hummus and lemon tahini dill dressing. 

A bottle of fresh Energize juice, cucumber, celery, kale, apple with a spritz of lime.


Thoughtfully prepared in a diligently sterilized kitchen, packaged and delivered straight to your door!

You can relax knowing you will receive a healthy, filling meal with a refreshing, nutritious juice. No trip to the grocery store, no waiting in a restaurant, no worries. Why risk ordering through a third party delivery company, where there is no quality-control, no sanitation requirements, no idea who is handling your food. With our NEW Lunch Box Delivery program, you can order without stress knowing the Roots staff will be properly preparing, packaging and delivering your meal. Cheers!

Lunch & Juice Box